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      Adopt A Hydrant

      The Malden Fire Department and the City of Malden encourage residents to clear out the fire hydrant near their home or business. With the amount of snow that has accumulated - and with much more expected - a main concern of the Malden Fire Department and the Department of Public Works has been the challenge to keep the 1,166 fire hydrants in the City cleared.

      Busy Week

      It has been a very busy week for the members of the Malden Fire Department.

      Severe Weather Checklist

      The Malden Fire Fighters and the Professional Fire Fighters of Massachusetts, advises everyone to be safe and prepared for severe weather
      Download: Severe Weather Checklist.jpg

      Locate and Shovel Buried Hydrants

      Every Second Counts Malden Fire Fighters are asking the public for help during this severe weather. Please take the time to locate and shovel out your nearest fire hydrant. Every second counts and having the hydrant already cleared of snow, will help the Malden Fire Fighters do their job quickly.

      Cold Weather Safety

      Think Safety First When Heating your Home this Winter Chimneys and Furnaces Need an Annual Check-Up Furnaces and chimneys should be checked by a professional every year before the start of the heating season. A well-running furnace will be more efficient, reducing heating costs, and prevent the possibility of carbon monoxide poisoning.

      Upcoming Events
      Group 4 Working
      Mar 03, 2015
      Group 1 Working
      Mar 04, 2015
      Group 2 Working
      Mar 05, 2015
      Union Meeting
      Mar 05, 2015
      Fire Headquarters 3 Floor Union Office.
      Group 1 Working
      Mar 06, 2015

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      Retirees Get Together
      IAFF Somerville Fire Local 76
      Thank You to All Fire Dispatchers!
      IAFF Local 801
      Slidell Firefighters Association Golf Tournament for MDA
      CDA Fire Fighters
      Golf Tournament
      Slidell Firefighters Association Local 2455
      Michael Todd Harris
      IAFF Local 1132

      Malden Fire Fighter's Local 902 sends our thoughts and prayers to the families of our fallen brothers.

      FF Michael Kennedy and Lt. Edward Walsh will never be forgotten.

      For the full story click here

      A Lieutenant Walsh - Firefighter Kennedy Memorial Fund 
      has been established at the Boston Firefighters Credit Union 

      Donations will be accepted by mail by sending a check to: 

      Lieutenant Walsh - Firefighter Kennedy Memorial F
      Boston Firefighters Credit Union 
      60 Hallet Street 
      Dorchester, MA 02124 


      Fire Safety Topics

      Fireworks for Fire Prevention

      Fireworks Cannisters

      The Division of Fire Safety works closely with local fire departments to enforce the fireworks laws and regulations and make sure the supervised fireworks displays are safe for both spectators and shooters. The Division of Fire Safety stands ready to provide technical, compliance, and enforcement support, 24/7 – especially during the busy 4th of July week. The following numbers may be called for immediate assistance: outside of regular business hours (508) 820-2000 and during normal business days (8 a.m. to 4 p.m.), (978) 567-3375.

      Click Here to access the Massachusetts Department of Fire Service webpage regarding Firework Safety

      Cooking Safety

      According to the Massachusetts Department of Fire Services, in 2011, there were 10,038 residential fires involving cooking. These incidents resulted in three civilian deaths, 67 civilian injuries, 24 firefighter injuries and an estimated $6.3 million in property damage.

      Charcoal and Propane Grille Ordinance for the City of Malden 

      Any barbecue grilles are to be placed outside buildings in an area clear of heavy grass and brush when in use. They must be atleast 5 feet (5') away from any structure and away from any overhead hazards such as tree branches, awnings, clotheslines, etc.

      Charcoal is to be ignited only by charcoal lighter fluid or electricity.. Barbecue grilles are not permitted on porches, rooftops or balconies when in use. Storage or use of liquid propane gas containers above the first floor of a building used for habitation is prohibited.

      Any barbecue grille is not to be left unattended at any time while in use.

      Upon completion of use of a charcoal grille, charcoal or charcoal briquettes are to be thoroughly extinguished.A permit must be obtained from the Malden Fire Department for the use and storage of propane.The use of a barbecue grille may be prohibited by the Chief of the Malden Fire Department, in his discretion, for failure to comply with any provision of this section, for any conduct which constitutes a violation of the laws of the City of Malden, or in the event the use thereof will cause a dangerous or hazardous condition. Failure to comply with the provisions of this section shall be punishable by fines and penalties as set forth in Section 1.13.

      For more grilling safety tips, click here

      Mulch Fire Safety

      527 CMR 17.00 Lumber & Forest Product Regulation

      (Includes Mulch)

      Spring is the traditional time for sprucing up landscaping around our buildings and this spring will be the first one with a new mulch fire safety regulation in effect. The regulation was developed in response to several significant fires in the Commonwealth involving mulch-wood products. State Fire Marshal Stephen D. Coan and fire chiefs across the state want to alert landscaping companies, nurseries, building owners and managers about the proper placement and storage of mulch in order to prevent fires.

      Revised Regulation Has New Mulch Safety Provision

      The revised regulation, 527 CMR 17 pdf format of    527017.pdf  , took effect last September and prohibits the new application of mulch within 18” around combustible exteriors of buildings, such as wood or vinyl but not brick or concrete.

      Photo of bark mulch.

      Photo courtesy of photos-public-domain.com

      Residential buildings with six units or less are exempted from this regulation, but all homeowners may also wish to adopt these safety practices. The regulation applies to all other buildings including commercial properties.

      Storage and Manufacturing of Mulch

      The revised regulation also has safety requirements for those who store or manufacture mulch. It limits the size of mulch piles and requires a distance of 30-feet between piles and 25-feet from the lot line. Large piles of mulch can easily spontaneously combust with all the heat they generate, so it’s important to be vigilant and employ good housekeeping. The distance between piles prevents a fire in one from easily spreading to another or to a building.

      Permits Required to Store 300+ Cubic Yards of Mulch

      Permits are required from the fire department wherever more than 300 cubic yards of mulch is produced or stored.

      Tips for Landscapers, Property Managers and Building Owners

      Here are some tips for property managers and building owners on how to prevent mulch fires:

      • Keep wood mulch 18” away from combustible exteriors of buildings such as wood or vinyl siding. Don’t put it right up against the building.

      • Use materials such as pea stone or crushed rock for the first 18” as a barrier around the foundation of the building.

      • Provide proper receptacles for smoking materials.

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